Here’s what Heritage Petroleum customers are saying about their experience with us. You can be our next satisfied customer; we invite you to contact us.

Vecten Fuel, Inc.“During an 11-year period, Heritage has provided Cypress Creek Mine with at-the-machine fueling, in which fuel is delivered to each piece of equipment twice a day, thereby eliminating the need for the mine to have fuel storage tanks, an on-site fuel truck, and associated labor. This has represented significant savings to Vectren Fuels. Additionally, Heritage has provided fuel hedging opportunities and helps manage physical storage at Vectren’s Ohio River storage tank. The relationship and services provided have been excellent.”
—Randy Beck, President, Vectren Fuels, Inc., Evansville, Indiana

Hightowers Petroleum Co.“I like the comfort of being able to depend on my supplier; Heritage Petroleum gives you that certainty. The operation is so professional that [we] do not always call in customer fuel orders—Heritage often handles our customers as an automatic ‘keep full’ delivery, and we are confident that the job is getting done. Early in the relationship… Hightowers was faced with a customer in Indianapolis in desperate need of fuel supply. Heritage came through when the normal supplier could not meet the urgent need… Naturally, I transferred the account to Heritage.”
—Joya F. Wells, Director of Customer Relations, Hightowers Petroleum Co., Franklin, Ohio

Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office“Our account representative at Heritage has always been helpful in assisting us in finding ways to reduce our costs. Any time we have had a need, question, or issue, they have been quick to respond and worked with us for a timely and satisfactory resolution.”
—Eric Williams, Sheriff, Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office, Evansville, Indiana

Valero Marketing & Supply“In today’s volatile markets it’s refreshing to deal with a company like Heritage Petroleum, where they are creative and responsive to the needs of their customers. I feel like a partner as a supplier.”
—Tim Lyles, Area Sales Manager, Valero Marketing & Supply, Memphis, Tennessee

Evansville Police Department“With Heritage Petroleum, we have been able to implement buying strategies that helped us meet our budget goals—with room to spare. They provide separate billing for each of our departments, to help keep our accounting efficient. And they worked with us to create a solid contingency plan for fuel supply in the event of an emergency.”
—Rob Hahn, Assistant Police Chief, Evansville Police Department, Evansville, Indiana

E.ON U.S. — Western Kentucky Energy“[Heritage Petroleum] always goes that extra mile to assure the best fixed pricing and prompt deliveries. We are able to secure large-quantity orders on short notice.”
—Don Carpenter, Fuels Procurement Associate, E.ON U.S. — Western Kentucky Energy, Louisville, Kentucky

Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation“Heritage Petroleum offers programs we can use to manage our total fuel gallons, and they’ve implemented buying strategies for us that exceed our budget goals. I would recommend Heritage Petroleum to any school system.”
—Dan Armstrong, Assistant Manager, Pupil Bus Transportation, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, Evansville, Indiana

Transit Authority of River City (TARC)“Heritage [Petroleum] has been competitive in previous bids, and recently won TARC’s business over a longtime supplier.”
—Christopher Ward, Buyer, Transit Authority of River City (TARC), Louisville, Kentucky

Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL)“We have a program in place with Heritage Petroleum that has significantly reduced our cost of generation fuel oil. We have experienced significant reductions of expenses for off-road diesel fuel due to our program with Heritage Petroleum. We are currently working on some new opportunities to further reduce daily expenses at IPL.”
—Tom Liddle, Purchasing Agent, Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL), Indianapolis, Indiana

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